Printer Slotter With Rotary Die Cutter Stacker


Printer Slotter With Rotary Die Cutter Stacker


Flexo Printer Series

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General Introduction
This machine is used in conjunction with the multi-color printing, slotting, cutting and die cutting of
corrugated paperboads paper sheets. It can be used with any number of colors in printing and with
any number of stencils. This type of machine is used widely by automotive manufacturers in Japan,
Taiwan and the West for automobile parts and major  assemblies such as axles. The entire machine
is suitable for ceramic rollers imported from Taiwan and features automatic controls, solid construction
and advanced design. Color matching is accurate to ±0.5mm, and the machine is well-suited to the
strategy of “high value added and easy use” in today’s market.

Standard equipments

Lead Edge Feeder
*  Fast setting of feeding speed, minimal maintenance, absolute safety and easy operation.
*  Adjustable blower pressure can be used for different types of paper .
*  Paper is delivered at the same speed to the lead edge puller to avoid wrinkling due to pressure.
*  Adjustable air flowf for the blower which helps to feed paper into the machine.
*  Fitted with brushes to remove dust from the surface of the paper.
*  Double-side positioning of the paper sheets.
Vacuum Dust Remover
*  High efficient vacuum dust removing device can vacuum and clean the dust quickly.

Printing Unit
*  Printing unit can be rotated a full 360°when paper is in motion or stopped,motorized control
*  Printing assembly can be manually adjusted up to 12.5mm.
*  Pneumatic down-pressure touch-board. The lines of high quality ceramic anilox roller can
  be from 200 to 350 lines. This unit features a pneumatic down-pressure touch-board.
*  The metering and the anilox rollers are automatically raised by the safety system when the
  air pressure stops.
*  Enclosed chamber (doctor blade) system and rubber roller can be specified for ink supply
  system at customer's option.

Slotting unit
*  The slotting unit can be rotated a full 360°and incorporates a cutting depth
   scale which directly displays the adjusted position of the front and rear knives.
*  The creasing and slotting shaft can be adjusted up or down.
*  Automatic setting of slotting knives with order memory functions.

Rotary Die Cutter

*  Slotting knife roller moves both
left and right
*  Automatic switch on/off of pressure
*  Can be used with equalizer
*  Die cutting cylinder made of superior material with extra hardness.

Automatic sheet stacker

*  Anti-dropping safety system.
*  Tow-span belt

Semi-computerized for whole machine.

*  The whole machine with PLC control system, the feeder is equipped with an 5.7” screen
   touching panel, and the slotter has a bigger and colorful one with the size of 10.4”,through
   which we are able to make and save more than 990 production orders.