OPP Laminator Machine


OPP Laminator Machine


U.V and OPP Laminator

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Automatic OPP Laminating Machine

Basic Introduction

This machine combines all the features of water-based and oil-based laminators and can be used for both type of coating application.
It applies environmental-protecting water-based coatings quickly and efficiently, and it can also be used with more economical oil-based coatings.




Maximum Working Width

1200 mm

Maximum Sheet Size

790 x 1200mm

Minimum Sheet Size

310 x 406mm

Sheet Thickness

100 ~ 600 gsm

BOPP Thickness

15~ 25μ

Total Power

73.3 kw

Laminating Speed

7 ~40 m/min

Machine dimensions(L xW xH)

8360x 2320 x 2900 mm

Net Weight


Subject to change without notice.

Standard equipments

1.Automatic stream feeder    

        *Reliable sucker feeds sheet smoothly at high speed.

        *Sensitive mechanical and electronical double sheets detector and stop board for foreign objects.

    The machine will stop immediately if any abnormality occurs.

       * Precise and reliable front and side guide.

       * With non-stop feeding additional table.

        *Sensor detecting device is able to stop the machine or make alarm when there’s abnormity on feeding.

2. Laminating unit

        *The laminating cylinder surface is precisely grinded and mirror-polished. Choose oil heating for auto
constant temperature control and equipped with temperature sensor to make the temperature stably.

        *Two sets of oil pressure cylinder and manual oil pump to adjust the laminating pressure and keep the
two rollers pressure balance.

        *Film flatten roller can guarantee the film laminating flat.

       * High precise film deviation adjust device to control the film running deviation.

       *The whole machine compounding transmission system, inverter speed adjust, worm speed reducing,
gear and chain and each roller can guarantee speed and convenient operation.

3. Gluing unit  

       * Gluing unit has two cylinders with independent motor drive, which can be run at high speed and can
be controlled with main machine at same speed.

        *High precise glue coating unit separately driven and speed can be adjusted to be suitable for different glues.

        *When feeding abnormality occurs, the film will move back automatically.

       * Film tension control device can adjust film tension.

       * Film paralleling and tension adjust device.

       *Two individual glue circulatory system is easily and quickly change glue for water base or solvent base.

       * Extra film cutting and auto collection device.

4.Drying system    

        *The dryer can partly working or entirely working according to the actual need.
The auto temperature control can use the heat per fectly.

       *Hot air, quartz tube and heating element compounding system to make the heating effectively.

       *Peculiar smell and air exhausting to decrease the influence over the health of the operators.

       *The sealed drying cabinet has heat insulation layer to keep the normal temperature.

5.Automatic cutter with winding stand

       * Round and rotary cutter, cutting speed can be micro-adjusted.

       * Paarallel circuit electronic system automatically adjusts the speed of cutter to the same with main unit.

       *The independent driving winding unit can wind sheet continuously and save space.

6.Manual delivery board

       * Automatic counter.

7. Auto control

         *Safe and reliable motors use invertors to adjust speed.

        *Synchronous control of the whole machine.

        * PLC control for whole machine for easy operation and maintenance.

        *Safety switch for whole machine with emergency stop switch to guarantee operator’s safety.

8. Feed/delivering non-stop mechanism

       * Semi auto auxiliary table for sheet feeding to prepile out of feeder,hight:1100mm(43.3),to be pushed in by a dolly.


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